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Vanilla, Blueberry & Teff Bars - 50% off

Vanilla, Blueberry & Teff Bars - 50% off


For a limited time only receive 50% off Vanilla Blueberry & Teff Bars

Was: $7.00 - Now: $3.50 per unit
Was: $42.00 - Now: $21 per carton

Vanilla Blueberry Bars were created to provide people with a healthy snacking solution that is gluten free, low fructose, no added sugar and tastes great!

Packed full of blueberries and seeds including the superfoods “TEFF” and “Quinoa” and are both naturally high in Protein. The Vanilla Blueberry Bars have a beautiful vanilla flavour with bursts of real blueberries and toasted coconut!

Did you know? Teff gives you 10% of your daily protein and Quinoa give you 16%. Protein helps to balance blood sugar levels, satisfys hunger and gives your skin that healthy glow.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Narelle xxx