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Liver Cleansing Muesli with Psyllium & Linseeds

Liver Cleansing Muesli with Psyllium & Linseeds


This was the very first muesli that I created and where Food for Health began. I created this muesli to support my patients with digestive issues.

It is a high protein, fructose-free mix, of organic oats, psyllium, linseeds, lecithin, and pepitas. I have also added slippery elm and taurine.

So what are these special ingredients, you may ask? Slippery elm powder contains a gel-like substance that acts as a protective layer for the digestive tract, and taurine is a necessary amino acid for detoxification and fat metabolism… you can’t taste either in the muesli, but they’re in there working for your liver!

I enjoy this muesli with low fat milk along with a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon… a great way to kick start your digestion!

I hope you enjoy this muesli as much as I did creating it!

Narelle xxx