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Cinnamon Hazelnut & Chia Bars

Cinnamon Hazelnut & Chia Bars


Sugar has a huge amount of calories, no nutrients and is highly addictive. Most muesli bars are bound with glucose, but i am proud to say, not these ones!

Natvia is 100% natural and a healthy alternative to sugar.  It is low GI and has 97% fewer calories than sugar… Natvia gives that sweet little punch, without compromising on taste!

These bars have a delicious cinnamon flavour and are packed with lots of wholegrains and healthy seeds like chia & linseeds, that are a perfect guildt free snack to keep in your bag for that 3pm hit or just when you have the munchies anytime of the day.

I hope you enjoy them as much i did creating them… a delicious bar without the sugar! The perfect!

Narelle xxx