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Fruit Free Clusters with Chia & Cinnamon

Fruit Free Clusters with Chia & Cinnamon


I created the fruit free clusters to make life that little bit easier for people with gluten and fructose intolerance, and also for people who simply like to make healthier eating choices.

Food For Health’s clusters are high in fibre, with flaxseeds, psyllium and the super food chia.

So what is chia you may ask? Chia is an ancient grain that has more omega 3, protein and dietary fibre than any other food from nature.

The clusters have a scrumptious nutty cinnamon flavour, and are delicious first thing in the morning with milk, as an on-the-go treat or last thing at night with yoghurt as a healthy snack!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Narelle xxx